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Our Mission

The team at Kiplinger Marketing Group has dedicated their lives to marketing. It's truly our passion!

Our mission is to help our clients with every aspect of customer acquisition while increasing the Life Time Value of each customer.

It is far less expensive to get an existing customer to come back to your business than it is to get a new customer for the 1st time. 

We use direct response marketing tactics to bring in new customers and then use proper Branding to keep them coming back!

Brian Kiplinger

Chief People Herder

I'm the one writing the content for this website so of course I have great things to say about myself. Simply put, I'm a marketing guy. I love people and I love the process of personal and business development. And I'm lucky to have talented, competent and passionate people around me who share my values. 

Andrew Porto

Brand Identity Specialist

Andrew has spent his entire professional career as a Brand Identity Specialist, Graphics Designer and Brand Story Teller. The expertise Andrew brings to our team is 2nd to none.

"Inner Circle for Life!"

Mike Fowler

Chief Video Nerd

Mike is a technical producer & creative director. He’s managed production studios, crews, and has been the showrunner for multi-million-dollar IPs in the professional development industry. He’s a natural both in front of and behind the camera.

Ashley Kiplinger Dozar

Photography Ninja

Ashley was born a photographer. I'm only kind of kidding. She was taking pictures ever since she was a little girl and became a full time professional photographer right out of high school. Need professional grade shots of your product(s)? Ashley has got you covered.

"Inner Circle for Life!"

Aman Kingrani

Video Animation/Motion Graphics

Aman has 9 years of experience as a Video Animation and Motion Graphics Designer. He specializes in 2D custom-drawn explainer videos or any type of animated cartoons.

Andrew Youso

Voiceover Master

Drew is our resident DJ and has been providing quality voiceovers for more than 15 years. He can do IVR/Phone systems, commercials, explainer videos, VSLs, E-Learning courses, YouTube videos etc...

I've known Brian Kiplinger for over 20 years and have seen him evolve as a marketer. His ability to generate leads and sales is nothing short of amazing. 

Freddie Mills

Roseville, CA

After hiring Brian and seeing what he can do, I immediately gave him equity ownership in my company. You want him on your side!

Shawn Stodola

Miami, FL

Brian and I have worked together for the last 7 years on various projects. He understands the psychology of marketing & knows how to generate business.

Jeff Mills

Huntington Beach, CA